I am part of a very open and fluid interest group called Artists/Parents. We are not really a collective as such but artists exploring and navigating working as artists who are also parents, in the art world, in Australia. It’s more an idea than a group- there is no membership.

To view some of our collaborative work please click on the links below.

Culture of Silence: arts parents accepting, rejecting or adapting to an unfriendly workplace, research conducted and published by Jessie Scott, Lizzy Sampson and myself at West Space Melbourne, 2019. 

Doing Feminism Residency at Norma Redpath, University of Melbourne, 2017.

C Needham, ‘MUM,’ catalogue essay, ‘MUM,’ Stockroom Gallery Kyneton, 2016.

F Generation exhibition George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, 2015.