Untitled #1 – 23, 2017, archival pigment prints,  24 cm x  20 cm, edition of 5.


This is a performative piece initially based on my experiences of receiving comments from strangers or people I knew about my child and/or experiences as a new mother.

In 2015 when my child was young, I carried a Tupperware container wherever we went with pens and paper. As a new mum I was mainly at home or meeting other new parents at the local library for story time or playgroup. I met with new friends and I met a lot of other new mums and strangers passing by when we were out- people love to talk to you when you have a newborn. This stage as a new parent is a way to connect with a new community of people who are in a similar new vortex. You chat with strangers about the experiences of being a mum- it often includes what advice you have received.

I asked new mums to anonymously write down any comments they have received warranted or not. I then asked them to respond to the comment by making a gesture with the paper- an opportunity for them to give a response to the comment.

I put their comment in my plastic container and carried it around until I had collected what I felt was enough comments to illustrate our experience.

I then photographed the comments to document the participants gesture, giving them a voice.


Many thanks to all those involved.