Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Curated by Rachael Haynes and Simone Hine, Converse is a group exhibition of video works by Australia female performance artists at BOXCOPY, Brisbane. The show runs from 14 – 28 July and includes artists Mandy Quadrio, Hannah Raisin, Archie Barry, Barbara Cleveland plus my video Baby gestures 2016.

“This exhibition emerged out of conversation about Australian feminist performative artworks and embraces conversation as a curatorial method. Each curator suggests an artwork, that the other responds to with another artwork. A printed conversation accompanies the exhibition and documents this exchange. The conversation ranges from questions of how to define feminism today and how it operates as a political or personal framework, to exploring intersectional identities and self portraiture, examining the body in relation to humor, and performance in relation to history and re-enactment. Converse is an exhibition as dialogue and considers the ever shifting and unravelling nature of contemporary feminist art practice.”  Curators, Rachael Haynes and Simone Hine.


The opening event is on Saturday 14 July 6 – 8pm.

For more information have a look at the gallery’s website.