Finding a Voice, 2012, HD video, 1 minute and 12 seconds, looped.

This video draws on my experiences of learning a second language. When I was first able to put a sentence together in a Norwegian and possibly understand a response, I knew the appropriate words to use, however I felt a silence every time I opened my mouth to try to speak. There was a momentary pause, a gap between my mind and body which made me question myself before I spoke. It was as if I was mentally silence, questioning and selecting the language, searching my brain for the right language to use. This disconnection was just as much physical as psychological. Maurice Merleau-Ponty explains that the body is the living container of our actions and that our thoughts and so our desires, actualise themselves into words in our throat through the articulation of sound (that which causes the voice folds to produce vibrations). This video explores such experiences on the body as a metaphor for the repercussions on ones sense of self; playing on the process of trying to own a foreign language.