Monday, June 17th, 2019

Image: ARTISTS’ SUBCOMMITTEE, Artlog (2018), still from video projection, dimensions variable,

© courtesy of the artists.


Artslog is curated into an exhibition by curator Sophia Cai at Town Hall Gallery. The exhibition will run from Saturday 6 July – 25 August.

About the show (taken from Town Hall Gallery‘s website):

For Love or Money is a group exhibition of Australian artists exploring ideas related to work, emotional labour and artistic value. In particular, it examines the economic structures that underpin artistic labour and how artists sustain their practices within broader capitalist systems.

Across the exhibition there are strong elements of humour and playfulness present in some of the artworks, while others are more vocally critical in their questioning of our notions of value. For Love or Money questions the relationship between work, making art and making it work as an artist.

Guest curated by Sophia Cai in collaboration with Town Hall Gallery.

Featuring: Kay Abude, Artists’ Subcommittee, Shannon Lyons, Make or Break, James Nguyen, Steven Rhall, Elvis Richardson, Abdullah M. I. Syed and Salote Tawale.