Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

My video, Untitled #1 Pregnancy has been curated into a group show by curator and artist Lenine Bourke. The exhibition- Artist Residency in Parenthood at 107 Projects Gallery in Redfern will open 5pm Wednesday 2 February and continue until Sunday 13 February.

Part of this project will include a public forum on Saturday 6 February 10:30am-12:30pm consisting of exhibiting artists.

Many thanks to the amazing work of Lenine Bourke. I has been such a great experience working with you!

For more information please visit the gallery’s website.

About the curator and project- description by Lenine Bourke:

Lenine Bourke wanted to engage artists who are parents with identities and experiences to undertake self-managed residencies in their own parenting context. Inspired by USA based Lenka Clayton, the creator of Artist Residency in Motherhood, this 4 month experiment in Clayton’s concept has resulted in a very active online group and a series of works which will be exhibited at 107 Projects. Some of these works have been exhibited prior with a renewed analysis and others are at an early stage of development.

The artists include Tim Bishop, Lucy Mendelssohn, Nina Ross, Alicia Miller, Emma Che Raethke, Holly Waters, Clare Rae, Claudia Phares, Melly Niotakis, Bronwyn, Kim Bowers and Lenine Bourke, with support from Claudia Chidiac and Stephanie Springgay.

These artists are pressed for time, resources and child friendly studio and rehearsal spaces, so have utilised a social residency grounded in the daily reality of parenting.

The artistic context of being parents is their site for incubation, developing their work or new ideas about their work. These works reflect the political, cultural, environmental and economic dynamism that derives from parenting.

From parks, to kitchens, joint art works and musical jams, the children of these artists are present in the work. The works reflect various elements of the parenting context, each work sharing a different experience and perspective. From birth place politics, to isolation, gender diversity, the impacts children have on our climate and the human body. The exhibition insights some interesting considerations for contemporary parenthood and artist led practice.

This project was an opportunity to create a national network of parent artists. Creating an online site for sharing the ongoing complexities of each artist’s creative process, rather than the challenges of parenthood. Addressing barriers in the industry for parents to continue their artistic practices.

The exhibition includes photography, instillation, sound and video art, sculptural, live and text based works. 12 independent artists from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been supporting each other to create work that reflects this particular time in their lives. This includes working through the changes to their arts practices, which comes with accommodating the addition of small human beings in their lives.

This is the first Artist Residency in Parenthood show and the group hopes to include more artists creating, expand the network and show more work.