Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I’m Trying to Talk to You is a group exhibition curated by Roberta Rich and includes the first Melbourne screening of my video The Language Between Us.

Please join me at the opening on Thursday 10 July from 6pm-8pm at The Substation.

The other artists in the show are Ka-Yin Kwok, Justine Makdessi, and Roberta Rich.  

Exhibition catalogue by artist and academic Tamsin Green.

For more information please visit The Substation’s website or you can view the exhibition invitation here.

About the exhibition:
“I’m Trying to Talk to You presents video, installation and performance practices that engage with systems of language and power. Through processes of re-construction, translation, observation and acquisition, the artists seek to resist a potential position of silence, in a refusal to conform to problematic notions of gendered and cultural identity.” Roberta Rich.