Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Untitled #1 (fish) is screening at Video Contemporary as part of Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Curated by Australian Centre for the Moving Image; Ulanda Blair and Jess Bram.

There are six themes; Duality, Constructed Worlds, On Time, Forbearance & Fortitude, Role Play and Material Beings. Untitled #1 (fish) has been curated into Role Play. I feel very privileged to be included with friends and colleagues; Eugenia Lim, Donna McRae, Benjamin Ducroz, Salote Tawale and Michael Meneghetti.

To find out more about Video Contemporary or Sydney Contemporary click here.

Many thanks to Ulanda Blair, Jess Bram and the ACMI team and Meg Fizell/Brenda May Gallery.




Video Contemporary installation view, courtesy of Meg Fizell and Brenda May Gallery