Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Curator Veronica Caven Aldous has invited me to participate in a public event as part of ACCA’s Unfinished Business exhibition currently on show.

You’ve Got a Mouth is an interactive discussion at the Round Table led by Veronica Caven Aldous and a diverse group of artists. During this event, artists will read and discuss their own ideas and statements on and about feminism, creating opportunities to deepen each other’s ideas on the relationship between feminism and the visual arts. The statements discussed will be diverse and encompass narratives biographical, historical, performative, poetic and current. Audience participation is warmly welcomed.

Artists include Caroline PhillipsDanielle McCarthJanice Gobey, Juliette Peers, Kalinda VaryTania SmithKathy Heyward and Veronica Caven Aldous.

You can read about the event here on ACCA’s page. Please join us.